Good people
grow in our Forest.

We’re choosy about who we hang with. It’s not just about talent. It’s about tree-ness. We believe chemistry has to come first. No agendas, no politics and no drama. And we’ve assembled around 25 people who feel the same way. Together, we’ve worked hard to build a place that is unlike any agency when it comes to how we treat each other, and it starts with our leadership team.

Becca Apfelstadt

Co-Founder and CEO

Becca is a passionate leader and bold visionary who has been in the agency business for more than half her life. Her energy and drive inspire her team daily, fostering an environment of thoughtful collaboration and up-for-any-challenge enthusiasm. Becca’s leadership is hands-on, and she has a natural ability to bring out the best in people, which always produces the best work on behalf of our clients.

Rachel Hillman

Group Account Director

Rachel is responsible for keeping the account service team happy, sharp, creative and proactive. She knows exactly how best to mentor, support and shape her team into strategic and creative thinkers who make great client partners. As our clients’ number one advocate, Rachel brings focus to complicated messages, products and conversations.

Megan Myers

Group Creative Director

Megan leads the creative team in telling great stories. She brings high energy and whole-brained thinking to every project. And with experience on both the client side and the agency side, Megan knows how to ensure that our creative isn’t just great; it’s also grounded in thought and purpose that spark a relationship and compel action.

Becky Ziegler

Group Discovery Director

With more than 20 years of experience guiding both agencies and internal marketing teams, Becky is a proven leader in consumer insights and strategy. She digs deep into every brand to get to the heart of clients’ challenges and consumers’ behaviors to drive dynamic messaging.

Allie Tripodi

Finance Director

As a self-described numbers geek and certifiable left-brainer, Allie guides the agency’s financial and operational strategy with heart, humor and all-in culture stewardship. Special projects require adaptability, and Allie is key to ensuring our processes are always smooth and right for the client. She provides counsel that helps keep treetree stable, competitive and relevant while keeping our team protected and focused on the future.

Meet the Trees