The turning-winning-
into-believing special project


The Blue Jackets began the 2013 season hopeful but realistic. They had only ever advanced to the Stanley Cup playoffs once since their NHL debut inĀ 2000. But then something happened. With a new coach, a passionate army of players, rejuvenated fans and the league’s best goalie, suddenly there was more to shout about from the treetops. So who better to come to?



Feeding off the city’s growing optimism, treetree created a multi-tiered marketing plan designed to instill pride, passion and renewed belief in the team’s fan base. With strong print ads, emotionally powerful television and emotionally charged direct mail, email, online, outdoor and radio advertising, the campaign captured all the excitement from the past season and the potential of the season ahead.

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Launched during the 2013 playoffs, the campaign leveraged the thrills of the season and compelled a city of believers to look ahead to the Jackets’ 2014 season and know that the best was yet to come.