What are
special projects?

A special project is any project our clients deem to be urgent and important—and getting it done right internally due to time or resources just seems impossible.


treetree works with clients on projects that need to achieve short-term results, overcome longer-term challenges or even help define the right objectives in the first place.

And we do this by serving clients in four different special project areas.

Discovery+ Play video

When you have questions,
we find answers that will move you forward.

Some clients have a lot of questions. Why are sales down? What should our brand position be? How do we get where we want to go? And some clients aren’t sure which questions to ask first. So our flexible discovery process helps uncover opportunities and land strategic planning that can take businesses to a whole new level.

  • Qualitative research
  • Brand workshops
  • Competitive audits
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing plan development

Project-Based Creative+ Play video

When it's time to bring strategy to life,
our creative can move your mountain.

With project-based creative, there are no minimum orders and no off-the-shelf solutions. Sometimes it’s a brand-building, blue-sky-thinking need and other times it’s more of a please-just-help-us-get-this-done-awesomely need. Our team brings bright and bold creative thinking to projects of every size.

  • Brand identity and key message development
  • Campaign and brand development
  • Digital and printed sales/marketing collateral
  • Video development

Special project management+ Play video

We put our people in your place with
boots-on-the-ground support.

Sometimes, there simply aren’t enough people to get the work done and you need feet-on-the-street, down-in-the-trenches support. Maybe a team member is going on maternity leave. Or maybe the workload just multiplied, but your head count didn’t. Special Project Management is a unique offering of skilled marketers who can serve as extensions of your marketing team—on-site with you. They’re quick at learning your business, and they’re backed by the support of our entire agency.

  • Maternity leave coverage
  • Marketing/communications staff augmentation
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Experience Design

We help brands make an in-person impact

Sometimes a project needs to reach audiences through engaging and interactive experiences to achieve objectives. Through experience design, we plan, create and implement events and environments that immerse audiences in a brand, making a lasting tangible impression.

  • Special event theming and concepting
  • Tradeshow, meeting and conference planning and management
  • Facility tour strategy and signage
  • Corporate office/environmental signage, branding and graphics
  • Sales pitch experiences
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