A special event. A tradeshow booth. A conference room. Every space presents the opportunity to support a brand’s goals through the experience that lives there. That’s why at treetree, our Experience Design team combines best-in-class event strategy with environmental design capabilities to create immersive and intentional brand interactions through spaces and events.


There’s no special project like a special event. And behind every special event, there must live a compelling objective and a purposeful plan to make a lasting impact. From concepting the look and feel of an event to marketing tactics that reach the right audiences to activities and enhancements that make interactions more meaningful, we bring brand stories and strategies to life by designing creative event experiences.

  • Event ROI assessment
  • Event strategy
  • Concepting and creative tactics
  • Marketing, communication and activation plans
  • Experiential elements and activities
  • Vendor research and recommendations
  • Implementation guides and event playbooks

Designing how an environment is experienced is a powerful opportunity to amplify positioning, drive action and tell stories on behalf of a brand. Our team imagines and implements strategic space design that builds brand awareness, enhances customer recognition, improves employee retention, increases engagement and ensures alignment with a brand’s values, vision and mission.

  • Environmental concepting, wall graphics and installations
  • Exterior and interior signage and wayfinding
  • Tradeshow booth design and execution
  • Environmental brand guideline development
  • Facility tour/space planning strategy and execution
  • Fixtures, finishes, furniture selection and vendor sourcing

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