February 14, 2022

Best Super Bowl Commercials 2022: View from the trees


For the marketing obsessed, the Super Bowl commercials are the, well, Super Bowl of advertising. So, we asked the trees to choose their favorite 2022 Super Bowl ad and share why it sparked their interest.

Watch the trees’ picks for best SuperBowl LVI commercials

“Chevy Silverado EV had everyone in my house sitting up straight three bars into the nostalgic Sopranos intro. Early in the night was smart placement and set the bar for the parade of car commercials making it clear that EV is the future. I love when a company is committed to a story, thoughtfully considers what part of the night they’re buying, and then pays it off with cinematic beauty. It was a night of ’90s nostalgia and most brands understood the assignment.”

Lora Winning, VP, Strategy

“I LOVED the Sopranos commercial, though it was really a Chevy commercial. That show is one of my all-time faves, and when that theme song started my whole body woke up. It was smart because it was laser-focused on a demographic and had a subtle tie to the show in a way that told us Chevy was badass then, and it’s badass now, if just more refined. It also has me on the lookout for a next-gen Sopranos series from HBO. AND it answered one of my lingering questions about the Sopranos kids. It was like watching a little bit of the show. Just awesome.”

Megan Myers, VP, Creative Services

“I was so excited when the OhioHealth #KeepMakingPlans commercial came on. I felt butterflies in my stomach when the characters jumped out of the plane together. A cancer diagnosis doesn’t have to define your future, and it was wonderful to see a message of hope and encouragement to keep making plans.”

Niki Calvaruso, Account Leader

“My favorite Super Bowl commercial this year was the Salesforce #TeamEarth ad—and not just because I love Matthew McConaughey. I appreciate when large brands use their platform and space to advocate for good causes. The optimistic and calm tone of the ad stood out to me as many of this year’s ads were intense and highly energetic. As someone who previously had literally no emotions about Salesforce, it left me with a more positive feeling toward them.”

Taylor Woodhouse, Content Writer

“Chevy’s Sopranos ad was No. 1! My second favorite was the Michelob Ultra bowling ad, featuring several iconic actors/athletes and a brilliant homage to “The Big Lebowski.” I love how this brand leaned into nostalgia moments while also promoting gender equality in sports. Serena Williams’ dramatic entrance was everything.”

Susan Veoni, Content Services Director

“My favorite was the Uber Eats spot. I can imagine the brief: How do we help people understand we’re more than rides and meals? So brilliant to divide up the offering into the tagline ‘Eats and Don’t Eats.’ The rest is hilariously sophomoric bits with extreme acting commitment. Trevor Noah eating a lightbulb? Gwyneth Paltrow eating her Goop vagina candle? C’mon. I could kiss the client for approving this gem.”

Rachel Hillman, VP, Client Service

“Larry David in the FTX spot was my favorite. Such a great play on consumer hesitancy of this new market.”

Suzanne Ecker, Business Development Director