Strategy Director


You’re curious. You’re confident. You believe there’s an answer to every question, and you know where to dig to find it. You’re passionate about connecting creative output to a solid strategic foundation so it works harder, looks smarter and moves the needle further. You’re intuitive, but you don’t make assumptions. And you’re experienced in finding the “why?” and “so what?” at the core of every challenge. You know how to drive a discussion, but you also know when to go off-road to follow an unexpected path that might lead to something new.

You can analyze quickly. You can tell the difference between what’s necessary and what is noise. You’re flexible. You can pivot swiftly between analysis and output. You know how to partner with both creative and client service counterparts to ensure all work is top-notch.

You have strong verbal and written skills to present the strategy story in a clear, succinct and persuasive way, enlightening our audience and dropping evidence along the way to connect every insight. You understand how and when to share information that roots recommendations in smart storytelling, ultimately answering our clients’ burning questions and giving them a solid foundation of knowledge to move forward. Your work is key to building a strong and compelling case for the recommended strategy. You are trusted for your strategic thinking and thrive on the value you add to the team and the client relationship.

Things move fast at treetree, and we pride our strategy services on going deep, fast. Strong time management skills and an uncanny ability to stay one step ahead of the game are going to be vital to your success and the success of the team. A good set of instincts and sense of humor are non-negotiable.



Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Plan: Identify our approach and deliverables that answer the client’s ask. Customize the right approach for every special project. Advise on Scope of Work documents to ensure we take the right steps to ground our work in strategy.
  • Operate: Actively plan resources to ensure that workload is manageable. Identify potential freelance or contractor resources.
  • Pitch: Participate in the introduction of treetree’s strategy offering to current and prospective clients. Participate in introductory conversations or capabilities presentations and lead the creation of strategy proposals.
  • Uncover: Distill findings into simplified key insights with supporting rationale and recommendations. Seek out ways to tell the research story in a digestible and impactful way.
  • Collaborate: Lead internal strategy discussions, explore and hone in on strategic recommendations and resulting opportunities. Collaborate with client service and creative team partners.
  • Vocalize: Stay with the project from strategic approval through creative development to ensure the strategy and the target audience’s voice is honored all the way through project completion. This includes participating in kick-off meetings, work sessions and daily agency Work-in-Progress (WIP) sessions.
  • Consult: Lean in to other projects by providing input on applicable proposals, creative briefs, marketing plans, tactical plans and communication plans.
  • Evolve: Think and ask questions to find new opportunities to evolve treetree’s thinking, process and deliverables to add further value to the agency and our clients.
  • Own it: Bend, flex, prioritize and change gears quickly. Ensure alignment with the Group Creative Director. Evaluate projects and analyze successes and challenges.
  • Enhance: Seek out external partners whose capabilities can strengthen and add to treetree’s toolbox.
  • Methodology: Craft the appropriate qualitative/quantitative strategy approach for new business proposals and client projects.
  • Background material review: Sift through client documents to determine what is of value for the project at hand and distill learnings for the team.
  • Secondary research: Explore existing data and research that may benefit a particular industry/category or client challenge.
  • Create discussion guides: Develop qualitative, non-biased guides to facilitate one-on-one interviews, information sessions, small group discussions, focus groups and workshops.
  • Conduct qualitative interviews: Take the lead on conducting interviews with clients’ internal key stakeholders and target audience members or hosting small group discussions.
  • Develop key messaging platforms: Distill findings into foundational messaging that informs and drives creative deliverables.


  • Four year degree required
  • 10 or more years of experience in a strategy role in an agency environment
  • Ability to engage with and relate to a wide variety of audiences
  • Demonstrated ability to develop methodology and metrics to measure marketing success
  • Eagerness for and comfort in thinking outside of “what has always been done before” to elevate product and deliverables
  • Polished and professional presentation skills
  • Exceptional team player and collaborator
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and time management skills
  • Ability to professionally give and receive feedback to uphold standards of culture, performance and product
  • Ability to display grace under pressure
  • Experience, comfort and willingness to work in Word, PowerPoint and Keynote as needed
  • Willingness to flex between swimming around in the details and looking at things from 10,000 feet above
  • Comfort with wearing multiple hats and partnering cross-functionally for special project success


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