The challenge-of-creating-
a-challenge special project


We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But for kids, it’s a key factor in better learning and higher scores. So when the American Dairy Association (ADA) wanted to educate the educators about the Ohio School Breakfast Challenge, they asked treetree to help encourage principals, teachers, parents and students to eat right and be bright.


treetree worked with the ADA to develop a cohesive brand strategy for the challenge, including a logo, an informational brochure and a microsite where school administrators could sign their school up and access resources to help them customize their breakfast program to the needs of their student body. To encourage school involvement and shed light on alternative breakfast options, we created a strong message that emphasized the role school breakfast plays in a student’s ability to learn and the fact that it’s a cost-effective solution for decreasing anxiety, tardiness and absenteeism.







The result is a School Breakfast Challenge that rises to the occasion and encourages educators and students to get breakfast—and get a boost for better learning.