The help-my-new-brand-
blast-off special project


A strategic pricing firm with a dynamic style and delivery that left clients inspired and energized, Precision Pricing came to treetree to help support its recent brand evolution and name change. The project started as a video assignment, but as we partnered with our client, we also earned the opportunity to design the website.

Principal Casey Brown was looking to market Boost in a way that aligned with her approach and gave clients a glimpse of the workshop experience. treetree jumped in, attending a Boost event to witness it first-hand and talk to clients before and after to measure reactions. From there we set to work brainstorming a way to present the experience through the website and brand videos.



Our challenge was to develop dynamic creative assets that gave a glimpse of the Boost experience. We designed the website with unique movement and layering, which kept it clean and crisp, but also filled with energy.


For the videos, we developed a multi-pronged strategy to deliver the right messages with the right tone to Boost’s different audiences: corporate decision-makers and potential workshop attendees. We produced three different videos for use during the sales cycle to inform, promote and preview as appropriate. These elements work together to immerse website visitors in the Boost brand long before they ever attend a workshop.

+ Play sizzle video

+ Play closer video