The help-us-ignite-an-
ambitious-future special project


Columbus 2020 is an economic development organization representing the 11-county Columbus Region. With aggressive goals related to job growth, capital investment and economic development, the group came to treetree for help in developing an impactful and well-packaged presentation for existing and potential investors. With excellent progress seven years into the strategy, the presentation needed to summarize efforts so far and deliver engaging and compelling messaging to help continue the momentum over the next three years.

A significant challenge Columbus 2020 faced was the fact that it often took a series of meetings for investors to understand and champion the group. Our goal was to help the lightbulb go off sooner, clearly delivering the community-wide benefits of supporting Columbus 2020 and getting buy-in earlier in the process. The presentation also needed to allow all representatives of Columbus 2020 to deliver an equally dynamic and impactful pitch.

We dove into the numbers-heavy impact report to find the nuggets of a dynamic story the target audience would want to be part of. From there, we developed relatable and succinct language that distilled the right information and served it up in a digestible way. We also worked to create a visual tone for the organization, bringing in energetic photography to showcase some of the results of their work. Ultimately, we created a presentation that helped the audience see Columbus 2020 as a critical part of our region’s future, understand how they fit into the efforts and feel excited to get involved.