The Help-Us-Launch-Our-New-Identity Special Project


When G20, formerly known as ICC, found itself on the brink of a rebrand, they needed a partner to design a launch campaign that would introduce the company’s new name, identity and positioning to the world. While all the building blocks of the new brand were there, they hadn’t yet been stitched together in strategic and compelling tactics that would raise awareness and inspire action among the brand’s core audience: digital, marketing and tech leaders in banking, insurance and retail industries. That’s where treetree jumped in to help.


Understanding the audience’s expectation of strong ROI and G20’s human-centered design approach, we saw an opportunity to visually connect G20’s name and logo to its unique value proposition: turning client goals into measurable outcomes through collaboration.


Working within the established brand elements, we designed a memorable and ownable launch campaign that told a story of progress and partnership while also speaking directly to audience needs. Design was executed across digital ads, a capabilities deck and internal launch tactics.