The what-I-actually-need-isn’t-
what-I-thought-I-needed special project


Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland (GSOH) approached treetree to help recruit more girls, but as we reviewed their research—and did some discovery of our own—we learned that while some troops had waiting lists, others had no troops at all. It was because troop leaders were scarce. What was really needed was more volunteers, which meant the strategy needed to change.



With an intimidating time commitment associated with volunteering, the creative challenge was to overcome this barrier and connect with a mom on an emotional level to help her see that her girl is growing up fast, and Girl Scouts is an activity they can experience together. Featuring girls from local troops, treetree created a direct-mail piece showcasing the milestone moments of a girl growing up quickly. Our goal was to tap into every mom’s desire to slow down time.


Through information sessions, we extended the direct-mail concept into a compelling, emotional video. In addition, we worked with our client to develop talking points to help address FAQs and offer suggestions for making it work, even with a busy schedule.