The we-have-the-wings-
but-we-need-the-legs special project


In an effort to get its new non-GMO poultry feed to market quickly, Kalmbach Feeds, a regional leader in animal nutrition, focused on only the most critical elements first: name, logo and packaging. But when Kalmbach’s internal creative team needed additional support to fully develop the Healthy Harvest brand, it came to treetree.

After swiftly getting up to speed on the product, the competitive landscape, and the hearts and minds of our backyard chicken farmer audience, we developed a brand position and strategy that drove the creation of three different design directions. Each direction built on and complemented the existing logo and packaging to provide a robust foundation of assets, including color palette, headlines, typography, pattern, photography style and a tagline recommendation.

The deliverable was an at-a-glance brand guide that would inform the Kalmbach team’s ongoing creative development and messaging and give Healthy Harvest the legs it needed to impact market share.