The help-us-serve-up-
something-new special project


Founded in 1920, the Ohio Restaurant Association (ORA) was created to promote, protect and partner with Ohio’s restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry. Noticing a disjointed effort within its corporate sponsorship program, the organization came to treetree to explore a more consistent and powerful way to approach sponsorship opportunities.


treetree started with discovery, meeting with key stakeholders, reviewing materials and interviewing model restaurant associations in Florida and California to uncover insights that would inform a strategic sponsorship program.

We recognized an opportunity to completely rebrand the sponsorship program in a way that would not only elevate its status but also help potential sponsors see what they truly stand to gain: high-quality moments with the industry’s movers and shakers.

treetree conceived the Tastemaker program to establish the ORA as the connector between sponsors and industry influencers. We created a look and feel that highlighted the association’s new branding, crafted key messaging that spoke to this decision-maker audience and established four tiers of sponsorship opportunities that would entice a skeptical sponsor.

A brochure became the foundational piece, highlighting the Tastemaker program’s tiers and including a customizable menu of investment levels. This flexibility allowed the ORA to personalize its packages for each unique sponsor while telling a consistent story.