The help-us-talk-about-ourselves-in-a-new-way
special project

OHM Advisors

OHM Advisors is an architectural, engineering and planning firm that wanted to define a new and more ownable position in the market after five decades. With a tagline of “Advancing Communities,” OHM Advisors partnered with treetree to look with fresh eyes and redefine the firm’s position to produce compelling messaging for new business and recruitment efforts.

Through interviews with partners, associates, consultants and clients, our discovery team found that the most unique aspects of OHM Advisors’ value proposition weren’t front and center in their marketing and messaging efforts. The company’s points of difference centered around culture, collaboration and partnership, which called for an emotional message platform versus the service-based platform the brand was using. And the position of “Advancing Communities” didn’t seem to stand out and communicate the brand’s story.

treetree developed recommendations on how OHM Advisors could create more meaning around “Advancing Communities” and connect this position emotionally to all team members. We created a brand vision statement, a brand personality, target audience personas and a strategy that helped guide messaging. These directional tools served as a springboard for a brand manifesto that captured the essence and heart of the firm’s offering and messaging pillars that truly differentiated OHM Advisors from its competition.

To roll out the new messaging elements, treetree partnered with OHM Advisors at a leadership launch meeting, inviting key stakeholders to understand how to help all team members tell this story in a confident and passionate way. This work informed the new website, a brand video and other marketing and recruitment materials.

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