The our-brand-is-different-
by-nature special project


Preservation Parks of Delaware County (PPDC) was looking to bolster attendance and support for its park locations and programming. Without an existing brand identity and story, PPDC wasn’t establishing a connection with the residents within the community and wasn’t standing out against other parks in the area. As a result, PPDC parks were perceived to be just like any other metro park. But what PPDC offers—an intimate experience with the county’s natural habitat and a mission to preserve and educate—is truly precious.



Preservation Parks of Delaware County engaged treetree to help them increase awareness and engagement. It started with discovery, which gave us key findings on which to build creative. From there, we gave PPDC a strong brand story and identity rooted in the brand’s unique value proposition. We were then able to develop a compelling creative campaign that not only reinforced the mission of the Preservation Parks, but also helped the brand establish an ownable and memorable position in the hearts and minds of current and potential visitors, focusing on the emotional benefits of a Preservation Park visit.