The let’s-give-this-event-a-
little-Irish-kick-in-the-Feis special project


The Dublin Irish Festival has long been known as the largest three-day Irish festival on the planet, drawing more than 100,000 guests–some all the way from Dublin, Ireland–filled with Irish attitude and ready to shamrock the town. Since 2014, the City of Dublin has partnered with treetree to give the event branding a bit of a kick.



treetree develops creative that pays tribute to the legacy of the festival while bringing a fresh look with a bit of an edge to the event branding each year.



Each year, the campaign must be widely appealing to the family-focused target audience, so establishing consistency in voice and design across promotional materials is critical. treetree develops print and online advertising, t-shirt designs, collateral, signage, social media and merchandise for this annual event.