We help brands stake their claim in the market and drive audience behavior.

Because a brand’s position can either be strongly claimed with intention or passively assigned without it, B2B brands must understand where they want to live, and then settle in. While positioning statements, or value propositions, are internal foundational tools, they provide clear guidance for all external marketing and sales efforts.

Positioning strategies mean taking a hard look in the mirror to understand your brand’s strengths, opportunities, points of differentiation, key competitors and uniquely ownable value. This process can be both liberating and challenging, often revealing obstacles that stand in the way of a brand’s desired position in the market or potentially some white space that could open new sales opportunities.

Whatever a positioning strategy process uncovers, information is power as B2B brands seek to secure their spot at the top. And we can help you get there.

Brand positioning often explores and clarifies:

  • Target audience
  • Market definition
  • Key competitors
  • Positioning map
  • Brand promise
  • Reasons to believe
  • Value proposition or positioning statement