Everyone loves a big launch. But once the high-fiving is done, treetree’s holistic approach to strategy ensures brands continue to rise above the competition and win with buyers. 

Brand tracking and reporting 

Continuously measuring a brand’s health, understanding how buyers buy and a brand’s perception in the market are critical to growth. As industries change, buyer needs change and competitors enter or leave the market, the position and perception of a brand can be impacted.

As a brand strategy agency, treetree offers brand tracking research and reporting to help customers keep their finger on the pulse of audiences and industries. We listen, a lot, to identify not only changes in perception but also gaps in value, campaign success or opportunity, awareness and even attrition. Brand tracking is particularly valuable when launching a new brand in the market or measuring the connectedness of sales and marketing strategies. This methodology is a tool that helps course correct, if necessary, and build thoughtful, well-informed brand plans for the future.

Content strategy, planning and measurement

Building an adaptable, customer-centric content strategy helps brands differentiate with a point of view that captures buyers’ attention and drives retention. But knowing what content to create, where to distribute it and how to measure it can be overwhelming.

Through in-depth research on your buyer personas, treetree uncovers what they’re searching for, where they find information and how to captivate them. And we don’t stop there. We’ll also work with you to determine what actions your buyers should take and how to create the right path to take them from visitor to lead to customer. It all comes together in a solid plan for telling engaging stories in formats and channels that align your strengths with your audience’s needs and interests. And with reporting in place, we can assess effectiveness, hypothesize and test again and again to continuously improve results.

Through in-depth research on your buyer personas, treetree uncovers what they’re searching for, where they find information and how to captivate them.

A holistic content strategy often includes:

  • Content audits
  • Audience research and personas
  • Surveys and SME interviews
  • SEO strategy
  • KPI identification

Customer journeys 

Knowing where and how customers interact with your business is critical to changing behavior and driving sales conversion. treetree builds customer journeys that connect offline and online activities to understand where engagement happens and where customers swirl—or worse, leave. The result is a journey that is specific to your business, tailored to your customer persona(s) and actionable at intentional touchpoints. We understand the sales experience is not only different across industries, but many times driven by the types of products you sell and the sales cycle you use.

Discovery and research analysis

Understanding the successes and challenges of a brand’s past is important to shaping the trajectory of its future. During discovery and research, treetree reviews existing and historical materials, campaigns, data, creative, third-party research and anything else that will provide insight about a brand and what has been done to market it—and how well it did or didn’t work. This is a critical step to understanding a business and brand as much as our clients do before we tackle the work. We want to know how brands talk to customers, who they are competing against and what their position is in the market. We also assess verbal and visual language and social channels.

Discovery and research often includes:

  • Client audits
  • Competitive audits
  • Interviews and key stakeholder discussions
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Secondary research
  • Brand asset evaluations