How employees and customers experience your brand within an environment presents a powerful activation moment.

Being intentional about how an environment is designed so it provides the right experience can drive action and tell stories on behalf of a brand.

Our team imagines, designs and implements environmental graphics and branding that build awareness, elevate employee connection to the brand, improve retention, increase engagement, and ensure alignment with a brand’s values, vision and mission.

We are deeply experienced in partnering with corporate real estate teams, facilities teams, architects, sign vendors, fabrication partners and millworkers to concept, execute and install branded moments, partnerships and environments.

We help you make an in-person impact through offerings such as:

  • Environmental graphic design and branding
  • Wall graphics and functional art
  • Signage and wayfinding
  • Visitor experience
  • Tradeshow booth design
  • Environmental brand guidelines
  • Installation support
  • Vendor management and coordination