With full-funnel marketing services that connect the dots between consumer journeys, seasonality and performance reporting, treetree’s strategists help sales and marketing teams pull the levers that matter at exactly the right time.

Marketing and campaign planning

Once an organization’s goals and go-to-market strategy are established and we understand the unique opportunities for a brand, treetree recommends tactics and timing for the greatest impact.

A successful marketing strategy and plan is multi-dimensional, omni-channel and overlapping. From creative development to sponsorship alignment to marketing automation, this is where the what becomes the how. treetree considers seasonality, business operations and sales life cycles. We lean on personas and other foundational strategy work to consider how the needle will move and how long it will take. We map out every touchpoint our audience will experience and the levers we will pull to convert them. 

Marketing strategy and planning often includes:

Media planning and audits

Deciding where to invest your marketing dollars and validating when more budget is needed requires thoughtful planning and an understanding of the vast options across traditional and digital mediums. The key is knowing which channels have the greatest opportunity to impact the customer journey. Media focused on building a brand—including paid media, earned content and owned assets— requires a careful balance of creative and channel optimization. The right mix, combined with experienced buyers who understand the market, drives bottom line results and is a staple of a marketing ecosystem. treetree offers comprehensive media planning and strategy services to ensure the right message, placement, cadence and ROI are always in balance for maximum impact. 

The key is knowing which channels have the greatest opportunity to impact the customer journey.