Account director

You are a critical thinker. You are an intuitive and creative problem-solver. You are curious, deliberate and thoughtful in all interactions with clients and internal teams. As a director you can grasp the big picture quickly and provide consult to clients on strategic and creative decisions. Yet, you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. You’re just as comfortable down in the details as you are flying high above the action. Not only are you a step ahead, you’re 10,000 feet above, putting it all into context and perspective. You’re able to see the long view. In fact, you help plan it. You’re a high-level consultant who shares a love of minutiae.

To clients, you are their trusted voice within treetree. You connect with clients because you hold insights into their brand, and you are sensitive to their pain points. Within short order, your clients will not know how they’ve gotten this far without you. You are able to think on your feet. Your ability to adapt and get up to speed quickly is important. Your calm-under-pressure personality comes with ownership mentality and is always thinking of the next opportunity to deepen the client relationship.

To your treetree colleagues, you are a partner, coach and confidante. Your accountability, support, approachability and availability demonstrate your expertise and leadership. You are a mentor who helps shape account managers into future account leaders and account leaders into future account directors like you.

Apply via email at [email protected]