Account Leader

As account leader, you are a critical thinker. You are intuitive and a creative problem-solver. You are curious, deliberate and thoughtful in all interactions with clients and internal teams. You are able to quickly grasp the big picture and ask the right questions. Your calm-under-pressure personality comes with confidence and poise. You’re able to see opportunities that expand on agreed-upon plans and deepen client relationships. You connect quickly with clients because you hold insights about their brand and you are sensitive to their pain points. You become a trusted advisor to your clients and internal team.

You will manage multiple accounts, programs and projects at treetree. The ability to pivot quickly and manage many tasks whose workflows overlap is critical. You will open jobs, create estimates, develop timelines and write creative briefs. You will follow projects from start to finish and keep the team energized all along the way.

There will be opportunities to work onsite or remotely at our clients’ offices to help support an identified project, for a portion of your workweek. Or you may go onsite to fill in while a client’s critical team member takes parental leave. Your presence brings our client peace of mind, solidifies our partnership and opens doors for new opportunities. You will easily recognize areas for growth and work with the Vice President of Client Service to formalize those opportunities.

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