project director

You are air traffic control. You are organized. You intake, understand and get things moving. You remove obstacles to ensure success. You are proactive and reactive. You are strategic about getting things done without compromise. You traffic at the highest level. You help develop timelines and ensure a seamless workflow across all projects. You balance workloads with resources.

You manage the process, vetting possibilities, identifying challenges, exploring feasibility and making it happen. Resourcefulness (one of our core values), is your key strength. You know there’s more than one way to do something, and you’re always willing to find option B. You are not easily ruffled. You thrive in a role that requires all-day-everyday problem-solving mode. You are approachable, eager to help and focused. If you don’t have the answers, you go find them.

This is a six-month contract position with potential for extension.

Apply via email at [email protected]