Our project managers can juggle, translate and navigate it all.

When your internal marketing team is underwater, but you don’t have the time or resources to hire a new full-time team member, bring in treetree’s skilled project managers for boots-on-the-ground support. They’re quick at learning your business and understanding how to function in your organization. And they’re backed by the support of our entire agency.

Our project managers can work behind the scenes or take front-facing roles with your internal creative services team, clients, vendors and other external agencies. They are flexible and adaptable to the kind of role that best supports your needs—for however long you need them.

Pandemic leave coverage

If COVID-19 pivot plans include furloughs or budget cuts that impact staff—and deliverables—treetree can provide short-term relief to keep things moving and get projects over the finish line. And when the time comes for rehiring, we can pass the reins back to your internal team without missing a beat.

Potential staff augmentation responsibilities include:

  • Managing or assisting with marketing projects and proposals
  • Brand launch planning
  • Marketing and communication planning
  • Tactical planning and execution
  • Attending internal and external meetings as needed
  • Coordinating communications among project and marketing teams
  • Identifying opportunities for project efficiencies
  • Supporting with outside partners
  • Creating and maintaining weekly status reports
  • Managing timelines