With the rise of social media as a marketing tool, photo and video have become significantly more successful at generating excitement, garnering engagement and even closing deals. From product and lifestyle photography to live action and motion graphic video, we know how to capture visuals that draw audiences in.

Animation and motion graphics services

Motion graphics and animation play a key role in enhancing user experiences. Motion can transform complex ideas and information into engaging and digestible pieces, even increasing retention. Motion graphics and animation also allow for easy editing and adjustment so brands can produce video content in multiple languages or for various regions simultaneously. 

Often, animation is the best way to present information design, explain products or services, or communicate abstract information. And motion can really amp up engagement on social channels through snackable videos and GIFs.

Corporate and commercial photography

Capturing the essence of a brand often calls for visuals that differentiate you from the same stock images your competitors are using. As a universal language that communicates with just a glance, photography can help you say everything without saying a word. And in a world where getting—and keeping—audience attention is becoming more and more challenging, photography is not only important, it’s impactful.

When planned and executed correctly, photography becomes a visual manifestation of a brand’s or business’s position and personality. Photography can earn trust, imply quality, illustrate performance and even move buyers through your sales funnel.

As a universal language that communicates with just a glance, photography can help you say everything without saying a word.

Video concepting, shooting and production

The power of and preference for video continues to rise. Did you know that 87% of video marketers report that video gives them a positive ROI? And 94% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

When video content such as tutorials, testimonials and brand storytelling is based on brand strategy with your unique audience persona at the forefront, data tells us it can have a powerful impact on the bottom line. From drone footage and time-lapse videos to event b-roll and high-profile commercial video production, treetree’s video services include:

  • Video concepting and capture
  • Talent selection and management
  • Location scouting 
  • Creative and art direction
  • Scripting and storyboarding
  • Voiceover and audio management 
  • Discussion guides
  • Pre- and post-production services
  • End-to-end project management