A young nonprofit on a mission to save lives needed branding and messaging support to elevate their presence and expand their reach.

  • Brand
  • Copywriting & content
  • Graphic design
  • Social media

The challenge
Founded by the family of Eli Weinstock, a college student who lost his life to unintentional fentanyl poisoning, BirdieLight is a community organization dedicated to reducing fentanyl deaths by educating young people about its dangers and empowering them with tools to detect it. Already armed with a logo they loved, foundational messaging and a profound purpose, BirdieLight came to treetree for help expanding their visual library, enhancing their social media posts and brainstorming new ideas for reaching target audiences.

Brand expression guide

treetree began with color studies of BirdieLight’s logo to ensure the mark itself worked well in any digital or print format. The design team then developed a full expression guide inspired by the logo, including recommendations for typography, graphic elements, photography and more. Together, these elements solidified BirdieLight’s visual identity and established a strong foundation for future marketing materials.

Brand assets


Every member of the treetree team approached our project with so much generosity, and while their professionalism and highly-developed skill set brought our project to a completely unexpected level of success, it was their giant heart which elevated our story into the message that was, and still is, needed. They might have just been humbly doing their jobs, but in our minds they were saving lives.

Beth Weinstock, M.D. | BIRDIELIGHT

From there, treetree bolstered BirdieLight’s social media with content and visuals aimed at the target 18- to 25-year-old demographic as well as broader audiences. The team explored new graphic representations of fentanyl facts and developed campaign messaging that could live beyond the scroll in other marketing assets.

Social media posts


Additionally, treetree helped BirdieLight brainstorm the “BirdieBox,” a branded set of fentanyl education materials. Because while BirdieLight gives numerous presentations at high schools and colleges every year, they also wanted to empower educators with an awareness curriculum to deploy on their own. The team explored content, design and packaging to create an all-in-one starter kit that could help start the conversation about fentanyl in schools around the country.