B2B marketing expertise was the only way to get the team above water.

  • Staff augmentation
  • Project management
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing collateral

The challenge
When Worthington Industries Marketing Director Janna Stanford realized that one-quarter of her busy team would be out of the office for more than eight weeks over the course of one year, she braced herself for the pain and panic of keeping all the already-overflowing plates spinning. And then she called treetree.

Project management

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Because Worthington needed a mix of creative resources, strategic resources and project coordination, B2B marketing expertise was the only way to help the team get above water.

Our internal team was able to serve as subject matter experts because we had treetree to drive the project coordination.

Janna Stafford | Marketing Director | Worthington Industries


treetree put a team of skilled B2B marketing experts in place to run projects, coordinate teams, meet deadlines and help the Worthington marketing team continue saying “yes” to new initiatives. Bolstered by treetree’s support, Janna’s team was able get out of the weeds to focus on strategy, internal alignment and delivering seamless, above-and-beyond value to business partners.

Education and business background
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