A decades-old brand needed a total refresh that would empower marketing and sales to reach aggressive revenue goals.

  • Brand strategy
  • Branding
  • Environmental branding
  • Sales materials
  • Website design and development

The challenge
Crown Staffing specializes in matching industrial, administrative and healthcare organizations with quality candidates. When they wanted to reestablish the decades-old company as a formidable player in its various markets, Crown tasked treetree with reimagining its brand, messaging and sales tools to attract higher caliber talent and empower the marketing and sales teams to reach their aggressive revenue goals.

Visual expression guide


The staffing industry is a crowded space. While everyone else focuses on people with the right skills, the Crown brand needed to position itself as the company that has—and expects—the right character. We called it Crown Character.

Crown Health brochure

Mockups Design
Mockups Design

treetree has been incredible. You’ve made me and Crown shine with your work. I’m blessed to call your team partners and friends. Thank you, trees!



First, Crown’s three sub-brands needed to clearly ladder up to its master brand. The treetree team established a new brand hierarchy using a clear naming and color system. From there, we developed new messaging and a visual expression guide that informed an arsenal of supporting sales tools.

From a sales presentation and environmental design to a completely new website, we positioned Crown to own a new and unique space in the competitive staffing market. 

Environmental branding