What’s at the
heart of treetree?

We are designed to be different. It’s why we focus on special projects, it’s in the way we redefine traditional client-agency relationships and it’s in how we approach our work.


The values we stick to

Resourcefulness. We’re open to opening up our toolbox and our minds to solve the problem at hand.

Adaptability. We embrace change and we roll with what needs to happen now.

Curiosity. We ask questions and dig deeper with clients, projects and each other.

Gratitude. We show appreciation and never take our place, our people or our relationships for granted.

Courage. We’re brave and confident, even when it’s hard.

Action. We make independent decisions and demonstrate good judgment on behalf of the agency and our clients. And then we get going.

The treetree factor

Columbus is filled with talented agency teams, but treetree stands apart in two ways:

First, the level of strategic thought and business acumen we rally around each project is unparalleled. Creating something beautiful is one thing, but moving the needle to impact a business and change behavior is really what drives us. Clients come to us with beautifully designed things—websites, collateral, logos. But they need more. They need the strategic platform from which to market. We give life, purpose, sharp strategy and planning to every project.

Second, treetree comes to the table with an all-in approach. When it comes to client work and relationships, no other agency in town will make you feel as important, empowered and involved. It’s in how we welcome you, inform you and listen to you. No agency treats their clients like we do.


The way we work

We don’t do big contracts.

As the Agency of Special Projects, we’re a fit with clients who don’t want to commit to a long-term agreement. Since we started in 2009, we’ve been intentional about accumulating work project-by-project and partnerships that last year after year by building solid and collaborative relationships. And because we don’t require long-term contracts to produce great work, the clients we partner with choose to come back to treetree again and again for their special project needs. To us, that speaks volumes about their trust in us.


We like to keep it local.

It’s important to us and our families that we all sleep in our own beds each night—and that when a client calls with a new special project, we don’t have half the team on a plane somewhere. We are always on our home turf, boots on the ground, ready to run when it’s go time. That’s why we stay focused on serving companies headquartered in our community.


We play nice.

We don’t have to be your agency of record; we’ll work with them. We don’t want to replace your internal team; we’ll supplement them. Our position is uniquely ours because we’re a partner that can help shake things up or break things down to help our clients’ marketing teams work smarter, harder and faster. We are ego-free, and we love sharing the sandbox with other partners and your team.


The this-plan-just-got-approved-
special project