What’s at the
ROOT of treetree?

We are designed to be different. It’s why we focus on special projects, it’s in the way we redefine traditional client-agency relationships and it’s in how we approach our work.



At treetree, our core purpose is to inspire a higher standard for human relationships. That goes for our clients as well as each other. And in 2019, we collaborated as an agency on redefined values, all of which we believe deeply support our core purpose and guide our decisions. We’re proud to say that no agency treats their clients like we do, and these guiding principles are just some of the reasons why.


The values we stick to

Resourcefulness. We’re open to opening up our toolbox and our minds to solve the problem at hand.

Adaptability. We embrace change and we roll with what needs to happen now.

Curiosity. We ask questions and dig deeper with clients, projects and each other.

Gratitude. We show appreciation and never take our place, our people or our relationships for granted.

Courage. We’re brave and confident, even when it’s hard.

Action. We make independent decisions and demonstrate good judgment on behalf of the agency and our clients. And then we get going.


The way we work

We don’t do big contracts.

As the Agency of Special Projects, we’re a fit with clients who don’t want to commit to a long-term agreement because we operate project by project, earning each new opportunity by delivering successfully every step of the way. Since we started in 2009, we’ve been intentional about accumulating work this way and building partnerships that last year after year.


We check our egos at the door.

Special projects land on our plates because our clients need help. Sometimes that means we’re doing it all—developing the strategy, concepting the big idea and writing and designing all the way through final production. Other times, clients need support on only one part of a project, so we’re taking the baton, working hard and then passing it off. And in some cases, we’re stepping in to take work over the finish line. Locking arms with our clients means we say yes, jump in and make them shine. Ego has no place in that process.


We match your pace.

We realize that special projects don’t usually become special projects until someone’s hair is on fire. We were built to remain nimble, fast and flexible, so we can stay in step when the pedal is pushed and when it’s time to hit the brakes.


We play nice.

We don’t have to be your agency of record; we’ll work with them. We don’t want to replace your internal team; we’ll supplement them. Our position is uniquely ours because we’re a partner that can help shake things up or break things down to help our clients’ marketing teams work smarter, harder and faster. We love sharing the sandbox with other partners and your team.


The this-plan-just-got-approved-
special project