It takes tree-ness. Nope, we couldn’t define it if we tried (and we’ve tried), but we do know it’s made up of equal parts curiosity, resourcefulness and gratitude.

And we know it starts at the top with our leadership team.


Growth Advisor and treetree Co-Founder

As a natural born connector, Becca’s focus is on fostering deeper relationships with long-term clients, and she also keeps an ear to the ground for growth opportunities in the Columbus market and beyond. Becca is no stranger to the marketing industry–she started as a marketing intern at age 17, and later founded and led her own agency for 15 years.

In her spare time, you’ll find Becca cuddled up with her three kiddos reading together or planning the next adventure abroad for her family of five.

Doug Lunne

President and CEO

Doug founded LMG to address a need that remains widespread to this day: combining intelligent strategy and inspired creativity to do truly meaningful work. This intersection of the left and right brain is where he thrives—understanding clients’ challenges thoroughly and identifying effective and unexpected ways to address them.

Away from work, Doug loves seeking out more creative challenges. From cooking and traveling to painting and more, he finds inspiration in all forms.

Chris Wilguess

SVP, Operations

Chris helps define and execute key business initiatives for LMG and our clients. He knows successful marketing is about understanding the audience—Who are they? What do they care about?—and he supports the team in keeping these important details at the forefront of every project.

In his spare time, you’ll find Chris coaching his son’s select baseball team, drumming with his church worship team every Sunday, and firmly planted on team “Diet Pepsi.”

Megan Myers

VP, Creative Services

Megan inspires and leads the content, design, traffic, production, and brand teams, bringing strategy to life with smart, creative solutions that move the needle. She is passionate about pushing for creative excellence and ensuring that our team exceeds client expectations with every deliverable.

In her spare time, you’ll find Megan weightlifting, cooking, or snuggling with her beloved bulldogs, Peach and Goose. She also loves putting her marketing chops to use helping her entrepreneurial husband and kids grow their businesses.

Shannon Lipp

VP, Client Services

Shannon oversees the development and execution of client marketing initiatives to help their brands grow and thrive. She offers a key shift in perspective from “What do we want to sell?” to “Why would others want to buy?”—always keeping the target audience in mind.

In her spare time, you’ll find Shannon spending time with her close friends and reading anything she can get her hands on—from cereal boxes as a kid to endless books and social media feeds today.

Beth Combs

Director, Finance and Administration

Beth monitors and analyzes the business’s finances to ensure profitability. Her love for learning motivates her to dig into the numbers, identify opportunities for growth, support the team’s goals, and help LMG reach the next level.

In her spare time, whether she’s hiking at a local park, working on a home DIY project, or vacationing in Florida, Beth’s time is best spent with those most important to her: her family, friends, and her two dogs.

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