Understand your buyers’ driving motivations.

People don’t buy your products or services—they buy solutions to problems. And you can’t solve your audience’s biggest challenges until you know what’s keeping them up at night.

That’s why we go beyond simple user demographics. treetree’s persona development puts you inside the mind of your target customer and helps you recognize the factors that move them to action. It gives you a close look at the opinions that influence their behavior.

Conducting persona research and developing buyer personas puts your sales and marketing teams on the same page so they can solve the same problems for the same people.

Using tactics such as customer experience analysis, customer perception tracking, questionnaires and round table discussions, we develop highly customized marketing personas that inform smart, strategic creative.

Persona development can be informed by:

  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
  • Buyer workshops
  • Audience journeys
  • Audience insights