The because-the-name-on-the-tank-is-as-important-as-what’s-in-it special project


After redirecting its focus from natural gas and oil to the agriculture and municipal markets, Worthington Industries partnered with treetree to conduct a discovery phase to inform recommendations for a brand story and strategy. Discovery key findings and an analysis of the buying process revealed that fiberglass tanks aren’t something buyers typically think or care about. What’s more, a competitive audit revealed that when it comes to tank suppliers, it’s a sea of sameness with everyone claiming to be experts in the field and few buyers making a switch unless a leak occurs.



Armed with this insight, we developed a strategy to elevate our client’s brand identity, leveraging the heritage and experience of Worthington Industries and talking about the “so what” of fiberglass tanks to make audiences realize that all tanks are not created equal. treetree developed key messaging and rethought the sales collateral, product manuals and print advertising to make everything look and feel confident, refined and different.